Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome to the Southern Oregon Financial Fraud and Security Team's (SOFFAST) blog. This is our venue to post information on recent frauds and scams that are circulating in the Southern Oregon area. All of the previous posts will be archived, so feel free to search the blog for specific scams if you don't see the information you need in a recent post. Also, feel free to e-mail us with questions regarding financial fraud and scams in general. We are happy to provide information and help you avoid becoming a vicitm of identity theft, elder exploitation, international lottery scams, "Mystery Shopper" scams, e-bay/craigslist scams and the many other that are out there.

SOFFAST's primary goal is to assist financial institutions and law enforcement in their fight against financial crime. Part of attaining that goal consists of helping the public avoid victimization. If we work together as an organization we can help prevent and limit losses due to financial fraud.

Thank you for visiting the blog. We look forward to posting more information and becoming your resource in the Southern Oregon region for financial fraud information. Feel free to subscribe to the blog so you can receive notices whenever new information is posted.

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